Go for it, just go for it (PART 1)

    So MUMI (from museum mile) is the name of the restaurant, it is in the centre of Paris, it has my signature on the menu and myself running the kitchen… But to get to be at that point, at 29 have this chance I’ve definitely come a long way. 

    A rough, crazy, funny, hard way full of unluckiness, inconvenience, coincidences and extraordinary special people (in a good and a bad way).


 ‘’The Scottish shower’’

    Straight after graduating from culinary school. I filled up a small suitcase with clothes and hopes went to Glasgow having just an one way ticket. There I was going to meet Paul Newman, a native Scottish chef whom I met while he was on holiday in Rhodes, and during his stay at the hotel I was working at as we used to hang out after my shifthe offered me to go to work for him. Paul was running the kitchen of a pan Asian restaurant in Glasgow with a stylish bar and stylish customers.

    I said to myself “just go for it” and then it all started. Flew to Glasgow a Monday morning, just to find out a few hours later that Paul had got fired the same day!!! We met at Costa Coffee and after a handshake he goes ”Angelo I have to tell you something … I got fired“. I was shocked. I was 19 years old jobless with no cooking experience in a city which the most of the people had an accent that I could hardly pick up a word in a short conversation. I recall times that was impossible to even order a kebab. But everybody seemed to be so happy and friendly, is it because of alcohol? I was wondering. 

    A bit after 4 days of constant searching I got a job at a very beautiful restaurant with even more beautiful waitresses and chefs that were dancing in the kitchen and used to take a cigarette break almost every hour. On the menu were rustic salads, pastas and a lot of cuts of meat on the grill. It was fun but it didn't last long.The beauty of the restaurant and its waitresses wasn’t enough to keep me there… 


by Angelo Vagiotis